Thursday, December 31, 2009

Good bye 2009

Well friends, as we prepare to bring in the new year, I have to pause and look back over the last year. Have I accomplished all my goals? Have I lost all the weight? Have I begged, borrowed, or stolen any will power? Well, all of those. Do I feel discouraged or have I lost faith in the idea?? NO to that as well! I've learned some new habits, gained some muscle, some confidence and some friends in my pursuit of health. I will redouble my efforts as the new year starts, so stick with me this next year and I'll see if I can't wow some of you with my incredible shrinking body...LOL! have a great new year everyone!!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Well, Fudge it all, Anyway!

Sorry, could NOT resist the title! Jodi and I made fudge yesterday and I just can't leave it alone. Good thing I've lost a few pounds this year....I'm about to gain them all back. Actually, I'm pretty please with how I've been doing the past 2 weeks. I've worked out almost everyday and until yesterday, was doing a great job of keeping up on my liquids, which always seems to be the first to go. So, I'm back on track with that if I could just walk away from the fudge...*sigh* Christmas is going to be hard. Anyone have any tips to make it easier, besides just not making any treats, since that isn't an option? Well, I'll go weigh myself and report back...wish me luck!
Beginning weight: 155
Goal weight: 110
Present weight: 147
Oops, looks like I gained two pounds back...but I tend to do that when I quit getting enough liquid, so I'll blame that and not the fudge. I'll try to post a pic soon. Thanks for all the support!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Does Giving Up count as Excercise? we are at the very beginning of the holiday season and I've neither lost any decent amount of weight, NOR begged, borrowed or stolen any will power, so where does that leave me? Still heavy, still needing to work on my willpower and irritated with myself. *sigh* However, as always, there are things to be grateful for and about.
  • I have come a long way in the portion control department, but I don't always USE said knowledge...oops!
  • I AM working out on a regular basis, although this habit is still fresh, so pray with me as I hope to continue it!
  • I am almost ALWAYS getting my water these days...and probably 5 out of 7 on my fruits and veggies
  • I have continued to work on eating from scratch, not out of a box, out of the freezer case at the grocer's or eating (God forbid...LOL) microwave meals. I haven't bought a loaf of bread in over 6 months, I think...hurray for whole wheat bread with NO added ingredients
  • The kids are learning good eating habits while they are young, setting the habit for life long good eating. (on a side note, I bought sugar snap peas the other day and the boys ate them all before I got any...dang it! HA!)

All in all, I guess I'm a healthier, still heavy Kristy at the almost end of this year. I've lost 10 pounds, dropped a pants size (or should I say actually fit into the size I was claiming anyway) and have learned some new habits. Thanks for your support along the way, and keep praying for me as I enter the dreaded holiday eating zone...LOL!



Monday, August 17, 2009

The Scale Doesn't Lie...or so they say!

Time for the weekly weigh we go. My water intake was GREAT this week! Fruits and veggies not so much, but I was close most days, so I gotta keep working on that one. Working out, I did pretty well. I was much more active this week than usual even around the house, working in the yard, even though I actually missed a workout or two, I feel ok about that. The stair thing is working out pretty well, although I had to convince one of the dogs to STOP running up and down with me and barking the whole time...ha ha ha! So what's left?? OH, just the weight and picture...BRB

Starting weight: 155

Goal weight: 110

Present weight 144...YES another pound GONE!

Pounds to goal: 34

Pounds LOST: 11

Hmmm, the picture is kinda dark, and it's not as flattering as the last one so that's OK...LOL! See you soon!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Low Down on the Weigh down

Well a few good things and a few not so good things. As of this AM, the scale still says 145 which means I have hit the 10 pounds lost mark and stayed there for a full week...that's a good thing! BUT, I was hoping to have lost almost 35 by now so it's not as wonderful as I would like. I'm doing great on my liquid intake, my fruits and veggies (thank you V8Fusion) and am making great strides in the portion department...these are all GREAT things...however, the workouts are harder and harder to find the motivation for...hmmm. 'Shua's wedding is in 5 weeks...I could still safely lose 10-12 more~so I need some serious cheering on here so I can force myself to work out. I've been trying to get in 10 sets of stairs each day this week. I haven't hit that goal yet, but each day I get closer. In fact, I have time for about 3 more sets and that will put me at my goal for the day, hurray! So wish me well and I will try to post a new pic this weekend. Thanks for your support, it means more than you know.
Starting weight: 155
Present weight: 145
Pounds LOST: 10
Goal weight: 110
Pounds to go: 35 I WILL get there, I will

Monday, August 3, 2009

Just Passing By...

Well, this week held some high points and low points... but this is a quick post, so I'll just highlight and keep moving!
  • I did great the first half of the week and then I got...LAZY...oops!
  • I DID manage to keep my water/fruit and veggie up take high, so that's great!
  • I lost another pound...yippie!

This week and EVERY week until I leave for the wedding in 7 weeks, I intend to do these few things

  • 8- 8oz glasses of liquid each day...hopefully MORE
  • at least 1 serving of FISH each week
  • 5 pilates/yoga workouts and 3 cardio workouts
  • be outside for a while each day...enjoy the sun, breathe fresh air, and get moving!!
  • get my 5 a day of fruits and veggies
  • Dan wants me to start taking a calcium supplement, so I suppose I'll add that to the list as well ; )

That's enough for here are the stats...I finally hit the 10 pound mark this week...took me long enough...LOL

Beginning weight: 155
Present weight: 145
Goal weight: 110
Pound LOST: 10!!!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Working the pounds least I HOPE I am~

Another week has passed and while I have worked hard, not sure yet if that will translate to the scale or not. Getting my 5 of fruits and veggies proves to an insurmountable task some days...but I am getting closer each week...must continue to eat better and smaller portions. The smaller portions are going much better this past week and I'm proud of that. I've managed to squeeze in 5 sessions of Pilates and while I never got around to doing my Billy Blanks, I did work in the yard a few times and worked up a good sweat and that counts in my book. : ) SO, what does the scale say...that ALL Important question of the week?? Well sadly, not much...just that I didn't lose any weight this week, but since I feel good, I worked hard and my pants are fitting better, I'm OK with that! So for next week....smaller portions, keep up with water, fruits and veggies and *sigh* more cardio, plus after a tip from my bestie Liz, a few spinach salads to boost the old metabolism. Off I go to work out!!
Starting weight: 155
Goal weight: 110
Present weight: 146
Weight lost: 9

Monday, July 20, 2009

What's the Scale say this week??

Well, I'm almost afraid to look...LOL! After eating very well all week long, I ate very decadently over the weekend and didn't get my liquid intake up to where it should be. But before the scale says otherwise, I feel good, I have energy this week, PLUS last week I did yoga 4 days, Pilates one day and at least one day of strength training! I'm really proud about that! I got a full week of workouts in, hurray! My liquid intake was great up until the weekend. I got my fruits and veggie servings in most days and I feel good about that too! So what's on the line up for this week?? Adding in some cardio....sigh* Cardio equals sweating...LOL! When the temp today is supposed to be 103, it's hard to psyche myself up for cardio, but I can do it...I CAN! So, keep up the liquid, keep after those fruits and veggie servings, and keep 4 days of yoga/pilates and add in one or two of cardio! Wish me luck...I"m headed to the scale....I'm a bit nervous!
Starting weight: 155
Goal weight: 110
Present weight: 146
POUNDS LOST: 9..yes! I lost another pound! YEAH!
I'll add a picture in just a minute, need to comb my hair first...LOL Be right back

OK, well. combing my hair didn't help much, but it will have to do...LOL! Here I am in all of my "look at me, I lost weight' glory...ha ha ha!

And just for reference sake, here is my 'before' pic

Monday, July 13, 2009

July 2009 update

This week I focused on portion control since this is one of my major problem areas. It's not that we eat unhealthily, but that I eat way too much of it...and I'm working to get a few less carbs in as well. So anywho, that went rather well and though I felt a bit hungry a time or two, I drank more water/tea and resisted the urge to eat more. I paid more attention to what I was eating than I have in the past few weeks and not only did I enjoy what I was eating, but I got 5 servings of fruits and veggies in 6 out of 7 days...hurray! This week I am focusing more on a bit more moving around. Over the weekend, I worked in the yard, jumped on the trampoline for a few, lugged some boxes and did some stretching. I am going to do some yoga before bed to help loosen some muscles that have gotten tight. Tomorrow brings more working in the back room, which means cardio and strength training...LOL! Plus, just plain old sweating! I think I'm getting back on track...which is good since I want to lose at least 20 before 'Shua's wedding which is in just 10 weeks...yikes!! So keep me on my toes, ladies! Less food, more water, more moving around, these are the keys that I need to keep in steps! It's not going to fall off tomorrow when I get out of bed ( oh how I WISH it would) but I can burn it off, slowly and consistently. I can do it! Now for the weigh goes!
Blessings and thin thighs,
Beginning weight: 155
Present weight: 147
Short term goal: 130
Long term goal: 110

Monday, July 6, 2009

Ugh...made that DOUBLE UGH!

Well, since it's been 2.5 months since I've posted on here and my weight is still right around the 147 mark, I can only assume one of a few things...or possibly ALL of them have come into play in the past few months...
  • I must not be working out enough
  • I am not eating as healthfully as I would like to think
  • Portion control is still out of control
  • Motivation/Time is a bigger factor than I would like to admit
  • I just don't care very much about being fat....dang it!

Honestly, most of them have come into play almost every day...sigh! But, it's a brand new week, the house is decent, I only work 2 days, and so I have no excuses not to be working harder on this goal of mine. I need to keep reminding myself that the weight will not just fall off. that end, wish me luck as I restart the uphill battle of the bulge. I want to be healthy, fit and even trim. Let's get that burning...where's my Denise Austin Kickboxing tape?? Anyone have any ideas, motivation or words of wisdom for me???

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

TIme to get Working Again!

Well, we are moved, mostly settled and I'm baking and cooking again...time to get my rear in gear and start working out again! I am going to weigh myself right now..if you hear a scream...make your own assumption...LOL! I feel pretty good but I am struggling with getting in enough liquid again, I'm working my way back to the right amount so that is self correcting. As for I go! WOO HOOOOOOO I"m still at 149!! I can't believe it, thank you~~ JESUS! OK, that was exactly the boost I needed to get going again! Moving all those boxes WAS good for me! LOL! OK, I"m officially back on track now...gonna go get my water and run up and down the stairs a few times! Thanks for bearing with me over the break. Keep the encouragement coming and especially the prayers...I am coveting them more than ever! I'll post pics over the weekend!
Blessings with Less of ME and More of Him,

Friday, March 20, 2009

Taking off for a Few

Well, I'm back! I am taking a break for a few weeks...I am packing like mad, hosting company for a week and moving 8 people, 2 dogs, 1 cat, a HUGE tank of fish, a turtle, and 4 lizards across town in all of about 14 days....I'll be too busy to work out or watch what I eat that closely. I can count lugging boxes as weight training, right?? Does have a panic attack count as getting my heart rate up?? PLEASE?? LOL anywho, I'll return to posting regularly once we get settled in our new house and I have a chance to catch my breath. See you then...phew!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Just Checking in

Just a quick post to say that I lost the same 2 pounds ...again! LOL! I had a tough time getting our meals back on track this week, but already have next week's planned out and they are as tasty as they are healthful, so that's going in the right direction. Water is still going well, except Dan bought me a new water bottle yesterday since my old was one was dying and I've already lost it...yeah me! As for my workouts...they were a pitiful attempt at best, so to that end...a photo of my NEW MOTH schedule...yeah...with a time slot in the AM just for my work outs...yeah! That's all for this week! Have a good one, ladies! ~K~

Monday, March 2, 2009

Vacations are NOT Figure Friendly...LOL

As most of you know, Dan and I took the kids and Alec and took a road trip this visit our dear friends, EK and Linda from our home church. Well, 36 hours and 6 fast food meals later, I've gained 2 pounds back...but the damage could have been a LOT worse so I'm grateful. Also grateful to get back home where I can work out more regularly and eat my own cooking and drink my own tea, *Sigh* I've become a food snob...LOL! Actually, I WILL say that those 6 nasty meals on the go did remind me how far we've come in our food choices this past year...and it's a good thing. I also got a bit of different exercise this weekend, walking from place to place and hiking over the boulders at City of Rocks State Park so all was not lost! Hope to be back next week with a more encouraging report...let me repeat an earlier post...if I keep losing the same two pounds, this is gonna take longer than I hoped...LOL! I have a sense of humor about it because I keep reminding myself that I didn't get heavy overnight and it's gonna take some convincing for it to come off and that won't happen overnight, either! See you next week!!
Present wieght...151
Goal weight...110
Pounds lost...4

Saturday, February 21, 2009

I'm Actually Posting Early...wahoo~

Well...I'm back! And early to boot! No pic this week, but I'm pleased to report that I dropped a pound this week. Not sure how since I am still having trouble working out each day...every time I get ready...something comes wakes up, needs changed/fed/put down for a nap...the toddler is needing a snack or to be found since he is fond of hiding, the bigger boys need to be redirected for chores or school or reminded that fighting all the time does NOT make mama happy...etc! LOL! But, I'm working on it and will be doing better this coming week...God help me, if NOTHING else gets done this week... I WILL be working out! As for drinking my 64 oz of liquid a day has turned out to be much easier than I thought...and the fruits and veggies are going well, as long as I can hide the fruit I like from the boys long enough to eat some myself...hee hee! I'm still baking all of our bread so I feel good about that, so all that's left is to keep an eye on portion control and start working out more often. Those of you who are following this and leaving comments...thanks so much! I appreciate your encouragement along the way. Have a a healthy week and I'll check back in next weekend with a new pic and hopefully more good news to report!
Present weight: 149
Goal weight: 110
Pounds LOST: 6

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

It Figures!

I've been waiting for test results this week and pending those, decided to give myself a break from the rigorous workout and vigilance in the food department. I DID still move about a bunch, keep my fluid intake where it should be and strive fore my fruit and veggies servings, but overall, was a bit more slack. Well, I went to the Dr yesterday and I LOST 2 pounds...whatever, I'll take it! The Dr pretty much gave me a clean bill of health except to lose some weight...big shock there. Most of what has been an issue can all be contributed to being overweight so back to the workouts for me! My H, H and H group started a workout buddy challenge and lucky me, I got my penpal again...yeah! Mamaoftwingles...let's kick some (smaller) booty on this challenge!! AS for me, my stress level has come WAY down in the past 5 days and that's ALWAYS a good thing, all the way around! So, all in all, a good week, 2 pounds closer to goal weight and I'm walking taller and feeling better about it!
Just a pic and we're done for this week!

Goal weight 110
Present weight 150
Pounds lost 5

Sunday, February 8, 2009


So this week hasn't gone well at all...*sigh* has been an incredibly long, stressful week. Since I snack when I'm stressed, well, I gained back 2 depressing! On the upside, by Thursday, I noticed I was doing that, scaled it back and lost those two pounds again...but if I keep losing the same two pounds over and over, this is going to take longer than I had hoped...LOL! I DID get in my 8 of liquid each day, and my 5 fruits and veggies almost everyday. I missed a workout on Friday from being too sore from the day before and Dan and I have yet to squeeze in a lifting session this week. That MAY be making the difference. I went to the Dr. this week to get a physical and blood work done to make sure I am healthy enough to lose weight (that always cracks me up) and for some other medical things that are irritating me. So I'll be getting the results of that on Tuesday or Wednesday hopefully. I'll add a picture at the bottom and call it a day. If you are the praying sort, please join me in prayer over this issue, it's had hold of me for long enough and I need to get some control over it and SOON. Thanks!!

Current Weight: 152

Goal weight: 105-110

Pounds to go: 42-47...I'll get there, I will!

Thanks for joining me on this adventure! ~K~

Friday, January 30, 2009

Looking in to the Future

OK, as I'm looking into the future, I see a thinner me, a more active me, a healthy me and a fun-ner me. But for today, I look at my picture for this week and I am aghast! Yowza...that is BAD! It's funny how sometimes things that this can just creep up on you and then surprise where did that come from?? I'm not beating myself up, but I am discoursed that I let it get this out of hand before I decided to do anything about it. *sigh* But enough about's the good part. I managed to get ALL of my workouts in this week! I have gotten to where I can do 22 whole minutes of a Billy Blanks Boot Camp workout without seeing stars, or feeling like I am about to stroke. That's WAY more than the 7 measly minutes I could do a month ago when I started! SO, there's that to be excited about...and I lifted with Dan 2 times this week and he even upped my weights and I could still do it. I've been baking ALL of our bread now and that's something that doesn't necessarily show up on the weight scale, but does matter in the long term health scale. I have a Dr. appt on Tuesday to get a physical, just to get some advice from a Dr, but we all know how I feel about western medicine, but it will make Dan feel better and to get a baseline on my health before I kick it into high gear. I also figured out this week that I can watch workout videos on Netflix instantly on my PC...which is super when I want to workout but the boys are hogging the TV...LOL! OK, I've chatted way too long about something that I am always insisting isn't that big of a deal to me, so it's time for the weigh in and next picture. BEFORE weight 155 Present weight 152 Goal weight 105-110 so still only 3 pounds lost, but that's OK, there are going to be setbacks along the way and I'm OK with that. Thanks for peeking in with me...see you next week!


Sunday, January 25, 2009

A Good First Week

Well, it's been a week now since I started this thing, but a few since I started really working to lose some weight and it's been a fun ride already. I am already enjoying a few benefits of working out, not so much like I dropped 18 pounds in 3 days, but more energy due to the working out, my muscles don't feel as tight and sore by the end of the day anymore and I'm sleeping better. Not bad for one week of effort. Also, I did drop 3 pounds this week and am down to 152. It's late right now so I will have Dan snap a pic before we head to church in the AM. Just in case someone doesn't know...the Billy Blanks Boot Camp series is evil! I can still only make it through about 17 minutes before I feel like I am going to have a stroke...sad, but true. After 3 weeks of doing Pilates 2-3 times a week, I can actually do a roll up again...that took more effort than I'm willing to admit! I did good this week on staying hydrated and getting my 5 servings of veggies and fruits most days, but there is still room for improvement. Dan upped the weights I was using, apparently I wasn't making it look hard enough...LOL! Jodi's Hip Hop Abs DVDs are calling me so I will add one of those this week to keep it from getting too monotonous. Starting Monday, Jodi doesn't have to be at work until 8:30, so maybe I will 'encourage' her to work out with me...hee hee hee. Anyway, that's the update to this week.
Thanks for being interested,
Pounds lost so far...3
Pounds to go...47

Saturday, January 17, 2009

The DREADED before Picture

I saw someone else do this and I thought it was a great way to stay accountable for my weightloss journey this year. So without further ado...some before pics...*Sigh* is this really who I have become?? NO MORE!! I will be healthy by Dec of 2009...Lord willin' and the creek don't rise!!

Each week (or two) I will take a new pic of myself, and post my current weight. That ought to keep me on track...hee hee!

BEFORE WEIGHT 155 lbs: Oh the horrors of the before kind!

Workout plan...3 X a week aerobics , 2-3 X a week, Pilates, yoga or something else more stretching, less heavy breathing, 2 x a week,. lift weights with Dan..less weight, more reps, I don't want bulk, I want tone~

Eating plan, Make sure I get my 8-8oz glasses of liquid, get my 5 fruits and veggies in, and cut down (sigh) on the carbs, eat WHOLE grains (well on my way with this one already) and try to get an extra serving of fish in each week.

I INTEND to lose about 1-2 pounds a week and if I manage that I will be at my goal weight of 110 by around October-ish...just intime for the holiday eating to begin again..LOL! But by then, my routines will be in place, I will have more muscle to burn off excess calories and I will have begged, borrowed or stolen some will power! Wish me luck and God speed! Thanks in advance for your support!!