Saturday, January 17, 2009

The DREADED before Picture

I saw someone else do this and I thought it was a great way to stay accountable for my weightloss journey this year. So without further ado...some before pics...*Sigh* is this really who I have become?? NO MORE!! I will be healthy by Dec of 2009...Lord willin' and the creek don't rise!!

Each week (or two) I will take a new pic of myself, and post my current weight. That ought to keep me on track...hee hee!

BEFORE WEIGHT 155 lbs: Oh the horrors of the before kind!

Workout plan...3 X a week aerobics , 2-3 X a week, Pilates, yoga or something else more stretching, less heavy breathing, 2 x a week,. lift weights with Dan..less weight, more reps, I don't want bulk, I want tone~

Eating plan, Make sure I get my 8-8oz glasses of liquid, get my 5 fruits and veggies in, and cut down (sigh) on the carbs, eat WHOLE grains (well on my way with this one already) and try to get an extra serving of fish in each week.

I INTEND to lose about 1-2 pounds a week and if I manage that I will be at my goal weight of 110 by around October-ish...just intime for the holiday eating to begin again..LOL! But by then, my routines will be in place, I will have more muscle to burn off excess calories and I will have begged, borrowed or stolen some will power! Wish me luck and God speed! Thanks in advance for your support!!




  1. Good luck Kristy! I am trying to lose some weight's not an easy battle but we can do it!!!You go girl!!! Hope a/k/a momof3cuties

  2. Good luck! Thanks for letting me know about your blog! :)

    -toasty (cafemom)


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