Friday, January 30, 2009

Looking in to the Future

OK, as I'm looking into the future, I see a thinner me, a more active me, a healthy me and a fun-ner me. But for today, I look at my picture for this week and I am aghast! Yowza...that is BAD! It's funny how sometimes things that this can just creep up on you and then surprise where did that come from?? I'm not beating myself up, but I am discoursed that I let it get this out of hand before I decided to do anything about it. *sigh* But enough about's the good part. I managed to get ALL of my workouts in this week! I have gotten to where I can do 22 whole minutes of a Billy Blanks Boot Camp workout without seeing stars, or feeling like I am about to stroke. That's WAY more than the 7 measly minutes I could do a month ago when I started! SO, there's that to be excited about...and I lifted with Dan 2 times this week and he even upped my weights and I could still do it. I've been baking ALL of our bread now and that's something that doesn't necessarily show up on the weight scale, but does matter in the long term health scale. I have a Dr. appt on Tuesday to get a physical, just to get some advice from a Dr, but we all know how I feel about western medicine, but it will make Dan feel better and to get a baseline on my health before I kick it into high gear. I also figured out this week that I can watch workout videos on Netflix instantly on my PC...which is super when I want to workout but the boys are hogging the TV...LOL! OK, I've chatted way too long about something that I am always insisting isn't that big of a deal to me, so it's time for the weigh in and next picture. BEFORE weight 155 Present weight 152 Goal weight 105-110 so still only 3 pounds lost, but that's OK, there are going to be setbacks along the way and I'm OK with that. Thanks for peeking in with me...see you next week!


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