Saturday, February 21, 2009

I'm Actually Posting Early...wahoo~

Well...I'm back! And early to boot! No pic this week, but I'm pleased to report that I dropped a pound this week. Not sure how since I am still having trouble working out each day...every time I get ready...something comes wakes up, needs changed/fed/put down for a nap...the toddler is needing a snack or to be found since he is fond of hiding, the bigger boys need to be redirected for chores or school or reminded that fighting all the time does NOT make mama happy...etc! LOL! But, I'm working on it and will be doing better this coming week...God help me, if NOTHING else gets done this week... I WILL be working out! As for drinking my 64 oz of liquid a day has turned out to be much easier than I thought...and the fruits and veggies are going well, as long as I can hide the fruit I like from the boys long enough to eat some myself...hee hee! I'm still baking all of our bread so I feel good about that, so all that's left is to keep an eye on portion control and start working out more often. Those of you who are following this and leaving comments...thanks so much! I appreciate your encouragement along the way. Have a a healthy week and I'll check back in next weekend with a new pic and hopefully more good news to report!
Present weight: 149
Goal weight: 110
Pounds LOST: 6

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

It Figures!

I've been waiting for test results this week and pending those, decided to give myself a break from the rigorous workout and vigilance in the food department. I DID still move about a bunch, keep my fluid intake where it should be and strive fore my fruit and veggies servings, but overall, was a bit more slack. Well, I went to the Dr yesterday and I LOST 2 pounds...whatever, I'll take it! The Dr pretty much gave me a clean bill of health except to lose some weight...big shock there. Most of what has been an issue can all be contributed to being overweight so back to the workouts for me! My H, H and H group started a workout buddy challenge and lucky me, I got my penpal again...yeah! Mamaoftwingles...let's kick some (smaller) booty on this challenge!! AS for me, my stress level has come WAY down in the past 5 days and that's ALWAYS a good thing, all the way around! So, all in all, a good week, 2 pounds closer to goal weight and I'm walking taller and feeling better about it!
Just a pic and we're done for this week!

Goal weight 110
Present weight 150
Pounds lost 5

Sunday, February 8, 2009


So this week hasn't gone well at all...*sigh* has been an incredibly long, stressful week. Since I snack when I'm stressed, well, I gained back 2 depressing! On the upside, by Thursday, I noticed I was doing that, scaled it back and lost those two pounds again...but if I keep losing the same two pounds over and over, this is going to take longer than I had hoped...LOL! I DID get in my 8 of liquid each day, and my 5 fruits and veggies almost everyday. I missed a workout on Friday from being too sore from the day before and Dan and I have yet to squeeze in a lifting session this week. That MAY be making the difference. I went to the Dr. this week to get a physical and blood work done to make sure I am healthy enough to lose weight (that always cracks me up) and for some other medical things that are irritating me. So I'll be getting the results of that on Tuesday or Wednesday hopefully. I'll add a picture at the bottom and call it a day. If you are the praying sort, please join me in prayer over this issue, it's had hold of me for long enough and I need to get some control over it and SOON. Thanks!!

Current Weight: 152

Goal weight: 105-110

Pounds to go: 42-47...I'll get there, I will!

Thanks for joining me on this adventure! ~K~