Friday, March 20, 2009

Taking off for a Few

Well, I'm back! I am taking a break for a few weeks...I am packing like mad, hosting company for a week and moving 8 people, 2 dogs, 1 cat, a HUGE tank of fish, a turtle, and 4 lizards across town in all of about 14 days....I'll be too busy to work out or watch what I eat that closely. I can count lugging boxes as weight training, right?? Does have a panic attack count as getting my heart rate up?? PLEASE?? LOL anywho, I'll return to posting regularly once we get settled in our new house and I have a chance to catch my breath. See you then...phew!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Just Checking in

Just a quick post to say that I lost the same 2 pounds ...again! LOL! I had a tough time getting our meals back on track this week, but already have next week's planned out and they are as tasty as they are healthful, so that's going in the right direction. Water is still going well, except Dan bought me a new water bottle yesterday since my old was one was dying and I've already lost it...yeah me! As for my workouts...they were a pitiful attempt at best, so to that end...a photo of my NEW MOTH schedule...yeah...with a time slot in the AM just for my work outs...yeah! That's all for this week! Have a good one, ladies! ~K~

Monday, March 2, 2009

Vacations are NOT Figure Friendly...LOL

As most of you know, Dan and I took the kids and Alec and took a road trip this visit our dear friends, EK and Linda from our home church. Well, 36 hours and 6 fast food meals later, I've gained 2 pounds back...but the damage could have been a LOT worse so I'm grateful. Also grateful to get back home where I can work out more regularly and eat my own cooking and drink my own tea, *Sigh* I've become a food snob...LOL! Actually, I WILL say that those 6 nasty meals on the go did remind me how far we've come in our food choices this past year...and it's a good thing. I also got a bit of different exercise this weekend, walking from place to place and hiking over the boulders at City of Rocks State Park so all was not lost! Hope to be back next week with a more encouraging report...let me repeat an earlier post...if I keep losing the same two pounds, this is gonna take longer than I hoped...LOL! I have a sense of humor about it because I keep reminding myself that I didn't get heavy overnight and it's gonna take some convincing for it to come off and that won't happen overnight, either! See you next week!!
Present wieght...151
Goal weight...110
Pounds lost...4