Tuesday, April 21, 2009

TIme to get Working Again!

Well, we are moved, mostly settled and I'm baking and cooking again...time to get my rear in gear and start working out again! I am going to weigh myself right now..if you hear a scream...make your own assumption...LOL! I feel pretty good but I am struggling with getting in enough liquid again, I'm working my way back to the right amount so that is self correcting. As for weight...here I go! WOO HOOOOOOO I"m still at 149!! I can't believe it, thank you~~ JESUS! OK, that was exactly the boost I needed to get going again! Moving all those boxes WAS good for me! LOL! OK, I"m officially back on track now...gonna go get my water and run up and down the stairs a few times! Thanks for bearing with me over the break. Keep the encouragement coming and especially the prayers...I am coveting them more than ever! I'll post pics over the weekend!
Blessings with Less of ME and More of Him,