Monday, July 27, 2009

Working the pounds least I HOPE I am~

Another week has passed and while I have worked hard, not sure yet if that will translate to the scale or not. Getting my 5 of fruits and veggies proves to an insurmountable task some days...but I am getting closer each week...must continue to eat better and smaller portions. The smaller portions are going much better this past week and I'm proud of that. I've managed to squeeze in 5 sessions of Pilates and while I never got around to doing my Billy Blanks, I did work in the yard a few times and worked up a good sweat and that counts in my book. : ) SO, what does the scale say...that ALL Important question of the week?? Well sadly, not much...just that I didn't lose any weight this week, but since I feel good, I worked hard and my pants are fitting better, I'm OK with that! So for next week....smaller portions, keep up with water, fruits and veggies and *sigh* more cardio, plus after a tip from my bestie Liz, a few spinach salads to boost the old metabolism. Off I go to work out!!
Starting weight: 155
Goal weight: 110
Present weight: 146
Weight lost: 9

Monday, July 20, 2009

What's the Scale say this week??

Well, I'm almost afraid to look...LOL! After eating very well all week long, I ate very decadently over the weekend and didn't get my liquid intake up to where it should be. But before the scale says otherwise, I feel good, I have energy this week, PLUS last week I did yoga 4 days, Pilates one day and at least one day of strength training! I'm really proud about that! I got a full week of workouts in, hurray! My liquid intake was great up until the weekend. I got my fruits and veggie servings in most days and I feel good about that too! So what's on the line up for this week?? Adding in some cardio....sigh* Cardio equals sweating...LOL! When the temp today is supposed to be 103, it's hard to psyche myself up for cardio, but I can do it...I CAN! So, keep up the liquid, keep after those fruits and veggie servings, and keep 4 days of yoga/pilates and add in one or two of cardio! Wish me luck...I"m headed to the scale....I'm a bit nervous!
Starting weight: 155
Goal weight: 110
Present weight: 146
POUNDS LOST: 9..yes! I lost another pound! YEAH!
I'll add a picture in just a minute, need to comb my hair first...LOL Be right back

OK, well. combing my hair didn't help much, but it will have to do...LOL! Here I am in all of my "look at me, I lost weight' glory...ha ha ha!

And just for reference sake, here is my 'before' pic

Monday, July 13, 2009

July 2009 update

This week I focused on portion control since this is one of my major problem areas. It's not that we eat unhealthily, but that I eat way too much of it...and I'm working to get a few less carbs in as well. So anywho, that went rather well and though I felt a bit hungry a time or two, I drank more water/tea and resisted the urge to eat more. I paid more attention to what I was eating than I have in the past few weeks and not only did I enjoy what I was eating, but I got 5 servings of fruits and veggies in 6 out of 7 days...hurray! This week I am focusing more on a bit more moving around. Over the weekend, I worked in the yard, jumped on the trampoline for a few, lugged some boxes and did some stretching. I am going to do some yoga before bed to help loosen some muscles that have gotten tight. Tomorrow brings more working in the back room, which means cardio and strength training...LOL! Plus, just plain old sweating! I think I'm getting back on track...which is good since I want to lose at least 20 before 'Shua's wedding which is in just 10 weeks...yikes!! So keep me on my toes, ladies! Less food, more water, more moving around, these are the keys that I need to keep in steps! It's not going to fall off tomorrow when I get out of bed ( oh how I WISH it would) but I can burn it off, slowly and consistently. I can do it! Now for the weigh goes!
Blessings and thin thighs,
Beginning weight: 155
Present weight: 147
Short term goal: 130
Long term goal: 110

Monday, July 6, 2009

Ugh...made that DOUBLE UGH!

Well, since it's been 2.5 months since I've posted on here and my weight is still right around the 147 mark, I can only assume one of a few things...or possibly ALL of them have come into play in the past few months...
  • I must not be working out enough
  • I am not eating as healthfully as I would like to think
  • Portion control is still out of control
  • Motivation/Time is a bigger factor than I would like to admit
  • I just don't care very much about being fat....dang it!

Honestly, most of them have come into play almost every day...sigh! But, it's a brand new week, the house is decent, I only work 2 days, and so I have no excuses not to be working harder on this goal of mine. I need to keep reminding myself that the weight will not just fall off. that end, wish me luck as I restart the uphill battle of the bulge. I want to be healthy, fit and even trim. Let's get that burning...where's my Denise Austin Kickboxing tape?? Anyone have any ideas, motivation or words of wisdom for me???