Monday, July 13, 2009

July 2009 update

This week I focused on portion control since this is one of my major problem areas. It's not that we eat unhealthily, but that I eat way too much of it...and I'm working to get a few less carbs in as well. So anywho, that went rather well and though I felt a bit hungry a time or two, I drank more water/tea and resisted the urge to eat more. I paid more attention to what I was eating than I have in the past few weeks and not only did I enjoy what I was eating, but I got 5 servings of fruits and veggies in 6 out of 7 days...hurray! This week I am focusing more on a bit more moving around. Over the weekend, I worked in the yard, jumped on the trampoline for a few, lugged some boxes and did some stretching. I am going to do some yoga before bed to help loosen some muscles that have gotten tight. Tomorrow brings more working in the back room, which means cardio and strength training...LOL! Plus, just plain old sweating! I think I'm getting back on track...which is good since I want to lose at least 20 before 'Shua's wedding which is in just 10 weeks...yikes!! So keep me on my toes, ladies! Less food, more water, more moving around, these are the keys that I need to keep in steps! It's not going to fall off tomorrow when I get out of bed ( oh how I WISH it would) but I can burn it off, slowly and consistently. I can do it! Now for the weigh goes!
Blessings and thin thighs,
Beginning weight: 155
Present weight: 147
Short term goal: 130
Long term goal: 110

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  1. You are doing great!!! Good job girl! Keep it up!!!


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