Monday, July 20, 2009

What's the Scale say this week??

Well, I'm almost afraid to look...LOL! After eating very well all week long, I ate very decadently over the weekend and didn't get my liquid intake up to where it should be. But before the scale says otherwise, I feel good, I have energy this week, PLUS last week I did yoga 4 days, Pilates one day and at least one day of strength training! I'm really proud about that! I got a full week of workouts in, hurray! My liquid intake was great up until the weekend. I got my fruits and veggie servings in most days and I feel good about that too! So what's on the line up for this week?? Adding in some cardio....sigh* Cardio equals sweating...LOL! When the temp today is supposed to be 103, it's hard to psyche myself up for cardio, but I can do it...I CAN! So, keep up the liquid, keep after those fruits and veggie servings, and keep 4 days of yoga/pilates and add in one or two of cardio! Wish me luck...I"m headed to the scale....I'm a bit nervous!
Starting weight: 155
Goal weight: 110
Present weight: 146
POUNDS LOST: 9..yes! I lost another pound! YEAH!
I'll add a picture in just a minute, need to comb my hair first...LOL Be right back

OK, well. combing my hair didn't help much, but it will have to do...LOL! Here I am in all of my "look at me, I lost weight' glory...ha ha ha!

And just for reference sake, here is my 'before' pic


  1. Great job! Keep up the great work! You can do it!!

  2. Wow, that's wonderful! You should be proud of yourself. :)


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