Monday, July 27, 2009

Working the pounds least I HOPE I am~

Another week has passed and while I have worked hard, not sure yet if that will translate to the scale or not. Getting my 5 of fruits and veggies proves to an insurmountable task some days...but I am getting closer each week...must continue to eat better and smaller portions. The smaller portions are going much better this past week and I'm proud of that. I've managed to squeeze in 5 sessions of Pilates and while I never got around to doing my Billy Blanks, I did work in the yard a few times and worked up a good sweat and that counts in my book. : ) SO, what does the scale say...that ALL Important question of the week?? Well sadly, not much...just that I didn't lose any weight this week, but since I feel good, I worked hard and my pants are fitting better, I'm OK with that! So for next week....smaller portions, keep up with water, fruits and veggies and *sigh* more cardio, plus after a tip from my bestie Liz, a few spinach salads to boost the old metabolism. Off I go to work out!!
Starting weight: 155
Goal weight: 110
Present weight: 146
Weight lost: 9

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