Monday, August 17, 2009

The Scale Doesn't Lie...or so they say!

Time for the weekly weigh we go. My water intake was GREAT this week! Fruits and veggies not so much, but I was close most days, so I gotta keep working on that one. Working out, I did pretty well. I was much more active this week than usual even around the house, working in the yard, even though I actually missed a workout or two, I feel ok about that. The stair thing is working out pretty well, although I had to convince one of the dogs to STOP running up and down with me and barking the whole time...ha ha ha! So what's left?? OH, just the weight and picture...BRB

Starting weight: 155

Goal weight: 110

Present weight 144...YES another pound GONE!

Pounds to goal: 34

Pounds LOST: 11

Hmmm, the picture is kinda dark, and it's not as flattering as the last one so that's OK...LOL! See you soon!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Low Down on the Weigh down

Well a few good things and a few not so good things. As of this AM, the scale still says 145 which means I have hit the 10 pounds lost mark and stayed there for a full week...that's a good thing! BUT, I was hoping to have lost almost 35 by now so it's not as wonderful as I would like. I'm doing great on my liquid intake, my fruits and veggies (thank you V8Fusion) and am making great strides in the portion department...these are all GREAT things...however, the workouts are harder and harder to find the motivation for...hmmm. 'Shua's wedding is in 5 weeks...I could still safely lose 10-12 more~so I need some serious cheering on here so I can force myself to work out. I've been trying to get in 10 sets of stairs each day this week. I haven't hit that goal yet, but each day I get closer. In fact, I have time for about 3 more sets and that will put me at my goal for the day, hurray! So wish me well and I will try to post a new pic this weekend. Thanks for your support, it means more than you know.
Starting weight: 155
Present weight: 145
Pounds LOST: 10
Goal weight: 110
Pounds to go: 35 I WILL get there, I will

Monday, August 3, 2009

Just Passing By...

Well, this week held some high points and low points... but this is a quick post, so I'll just highlight and keep moving!
  • I did great the first half of the week and then I got...LAZY...oops!
  • I DID manage to keep my water/fruit and veggie up take high, so that's great!
  • I lost another pound...yippie!

This week and EVERY week until I leave for the wedding in 7 weeks, I intend to do these few things

  • 8- 8oz glasses of liquid each day...hopefully MORE
  • at least 1 serving of FISH each week
  • 5 pilates/yoga workouts and 3 cardio workouts
  • be outside for a while each day...enjoy the sun, breathe fresh air, and get moving!!
  • get my 5 a day of fruits and veggies
  • Dan wants me to start taking a calcium supplement, so I suppose I'll add that to the list as well ; )

That's enough for here are the stats...I finally hit the 10 pound mark this week...took me long enough...LOL

Beginning weight: 155
Present weight: 145
Goal weight: 110
Pound LOST: 10!!!