Monday, November 16, 2009

Does Giving Up count as Excercise? we are at the very beginning of the holiday season and I've neither lost any decent amount of weight, NOR begged, borrowed or stolen any will power, so where does that leave me? Still heavy, still needing to work on my willpower and irritated with myself. *sigh* However, as always, there are things to be grateful for and about.
  • I have come a long way in the portion control department, but I don't always USE said knowledge...oops!
  • I AM working out on a regular basis, although this habit is still fresh, so pray with me as I hope to continue it!
  • I am almost ALWAYS getting my water these days...and probably 5 out of 7 on my fruits and veggies
  • I have continued to work on eating from scratch, not out of a box, out of the freezer case at the grocer's or eating (God forbid...LOL) microwave meals. I haven't bought a loaf of bread in over 6 months, I think...hurray for whole wheat bread with NO added ingredients
  • The kids are learning good eating habits while they are young, setting the habit for life long good eating. (on a side note, I bought sugar snap peas the other day and the boys ate them all before I got any...dang it! HA!)

All in all, I guess I'm a healthier, still heavy Kristy at the almost end of this year. I've lost 10 pounds, dropped a pants size (or should I say actually fit into the size I was claiming anyway) and have learned some new habits. Thanks for your support along the way, and keep praying for me as I enter the dreaded holiday eating zone...LOL!