Friday, July 31, 2015

August Fitness Challenge: Uptown Funk Ab Routine

Now that we are finished with the 200 Squat challenge, I thought I would pick the next challenge myself and see if anyone wants to join me. It's AB month, people. I know. I KNOW! But, my abs are as close as you can get to dead and still be breathing, so I need to work on them. I really like the Uptown Funk Ab Routine on YouTube, but right now I can only get about 35 seconds into it before I am gasping for air and praying for a stroke to finish me off. So, I'm taking the month of August to see if I can get through the whole thing without a break. Who is with me?


Here's the link:

Monday, July 20, 2015

Workout Plans for July 20-26

The plan: cardio (15 minutes) 3x, plus the squat challenge previously posted.

The Reality:
  • Monday: 15 minutes on the elliptical machine, 1 hour in the pool, squat challenge
  • Tuesday: 45 minutes in the pool, squat challenge
  • Wednesday: squat challenge
  • Thursday: 1 hour in the pool, squat challenge
  • Friday: squat challenge
  • Saturday: rest
  • Sunday: rest
Can I accomplish my goals: YES I CAN!

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Weekend Weigh In: July 19, 2015

I've decided that the weekends are the best time for me to do updates on weight and occasionally pictures. So without further ado...the results of 2 whole weeks of work. I'll be honest enough to say the last 2 days have been hard for healthful eating, since I'm a stress-eater. However, between the beans and rice lunches, squat challenge, water drinking and swimming as often as I have time to get in the pool, I think I'll at least even out.
Starting Weight: 160 pounds

Current Weight: 159.5
Weight Change: -1/2 pound

Not quite a huge change, but every little bit helps. I have new motivation (and more opportunity) to work out with Dan out of town. I'm hoping to surprise him with a #10 loss by our anniversary at the end of August. I'll keep ya posted. ;)
The squat challenge kicks into high gear this coming week, so by next weekend, I may not be able to walk. Which would at least mean it was working. And I neeeeed to be in the pool every work day this week. Here we go!
Oh, I almost forgot. I promised a picture. Enjoy!

This is one of my new fave outfits. Comfy but stylish brown and gold t-shirt, dark jeans, brown and gold flats.

Monday, July 6, 2015

July 2015 Fitness Challenge: 200 Squats

Apparently, I get bored easily and like to cut myself slack/grace far too often in the workout areas of my life, so in addition to my regular 3x a week cardio sessions, I decided to accept a challenge from some friends to be able to do 200 squats by the end of July. We start tomorrow.

*****Challenge Accepted*****

Here's a link to the workout, and it has a printable so you can keep up with it whether you are home or out and about.
I'm looking forward to it. A higher, tighter, smaller booty is in my near future. Woot!

I am BACK!

...and fatter than ever. *le sigh* Time to fire this blog back up and see if I can motivate myself with the fear of public humiliation. LOL! 
I am currently weighing in at 160 pounds. *ouch* That is what I weighed when I was pregnant with DT and my heaviest weight ever. I can beat myself up about it, or I can do something. So here I am, doing something. I am still doing well on water intake and veggies, but I have quit exercising and lost all awareness of portion control. So, it is back to basics. 
For the month of July, I will be working out (cardio) 3x a week, and eating small portions. I am also doing black beans and rice for lunch every day M-F while at work starting on the 13th. With water, of course in keeping with my New Years Resolution to drink water during my work hours of 11am-6 pm. With Independence Day behind us as well as Birthday Game Night, I think I am in the clear for parties and such. That helps. :) 
I will start by filling my plate with fruits and veggies, with a small portion of lean protein, and skipping the carbs if/when I can.
Wish me luck.