Sunday, September 27, 2015

Weekend Weigh In: Sept 27, 2015

...Or next month. *le sigh* Why is checking in every week or every OTHER week so difficult?
I can honestly say that September has completely kicked my behind, some in good ways, and other not so much.
I totally dropped the ball on any kind of fitness challenge as I scurried about visiting Dan in Iowa, starting school with P and DT, trying to figure out what in the Sam Hill D is doing with his life, my Mom moving back to IL :( and a host of other small changes that all culminated in Kristy not working out, not eating well and not losing any weight.
In totally honesty though, I think I can just say that I just wasn't feeling it this month and so I wasn't as diligent as I should be, which lead to me not been checking in here because I don't want to admit that I'm falling down on the "job" of losing weight. I like to win. I like to meet my own challenges. I like to be right. (oh dear, this is turning into a counseling session. LOL) And in that same vein, I don't like to admit defeat, especially when it comes at my own hands.
However, if I'm the one messing up, then I am the one that can fix it. Woohoo! SO, I am challenging myself to get my 3x weekly workouts DONE in October, no matter the challenges, the obstacles, or the lack of desire. I can do this!
For inspiration this month, I will be re-attempting the Uptown Funk Ab workout in addition to my cardio workouts. I'm also starting a book on my Kindle about workouts/devotions for women of faith called Perfect Fit. It can be found here. Sounds good to me!
And for updated stats and photos:
Starting Weight: 160
Current Weight: 159
Pounds Lost: 1
Certainly not impressive, but if you factor in an 8 day vacation, and then 2 weeks of what some would label depression (during which I normally eat like it's going out of style because I"m an emotional eater {working on that} I'm going to call this a small win. I haven't gained it all back, and I'm aware of what I'm eating, so that's all good.

Pounds lost? Only 1, but between vacation, depression and not working out, I'm still calling that a win.