Monday, October 26, 2015

MONTH~ly Weigh In: October 26, 2015

 Let's just call a spade a spade, shall we? I don't have the time, energy or (apparently) the desire to post every week, or every other week. A monthly check in shall have to do. Hope that's ok with all 3 of my followers. LOL!
Without further ado, the good news.
I lost 4 more pounds this month!
Woot! Down to 155.
More good news, I switched from only drinking water during work hours (2-6 most days) to drinking water 24/7 with an occasional glass of tea. As a gal that can easily drink 3/4 to a full gallon of tea a day, that is BIG news. And after a few pangs for the good old days, water tastes great and even the barely sweet tea I make is tasting really sweet these days. So, I'm totally on the right track with that bit of news. I also joined Planet Fitness (furthermore to be called PFit) as I previously mentioned and I'm enjoying it like crazy. I'm sure the newness will wear off at some point, but for now, I'm raving about it to anyone who will listen and dragging anyone who listens to me for more than 7 seconds along on my next workout.
The bad news, I'm still really struggling with portion control and I may have to break down and purchase a kitchen scale until I can get a good handle on how much a serving actually is again. :( More bad news, I gave up on the Uptown Funk Ab Challenge. I simply don't have enough ab strength YET to manage it. So I am working on dropping some pounds and then I will attempt it again. And, there's more. I LOVE to eat, y'all. I love to put food in my mouth, I love to taste food, enjoy the texture of food, the smell of food, the camaraderie around a table full of food and friends. I love to cook, I love to shop for food, I love to watch shows about cooking. I love everything about food...except the being fat part. So, I'm going to have to work on loving losing weight more than I love to put food in my mouth. And I'm going to need to quit equating socializing with eating, although with Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years around the corner, this may prove to be more difficult than I hope.
Over all, I"m pleased with this month. I have an actual victory this month. 4 more pounds gone, and they are going to stay that way!
Thanks for taking this journey with me!

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Look What I Did!

So, this happened. :)
Yep, I joined Planet Fitness this weekend. Dan is a member and totally loves it, so I figured I would give it a try. Pat will be my normal workout buddy, and we will go as often as we can when David is home. When D can't make it home at a reasonable hour, I'll have to go by myself or find another buddy to take, but it's a start. I'm too cheap to let my whole $20 go to waste, so that is just extra motivation, right?
 I've decided that I will never be good at working out at home. And that's not a character flaw, I'm just busy and often distracted, and always interrupted, so if I need to join a gym to get my workouts done, then let's do that.
We've been a few times already and I"m really enjoying it. I'm trying ALL. THE. THINGS.
Treadmills? Check
Ellipticals? Check
Stair Climbers? Heck NO
Weight lifting machines? Check
30 minute cardio circuit? Check
Hydro-massage? Check
Recumbent Bikes? Check
Total Body Enhancement thing a ma bobber? Check
I'll keep you posted on the long term results  :)